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Thursday, 16 January 2014

I've got the power

Look at these words.
How are you reading them?

Are they strident, loud-and-clear
From the screen of your laptop or PC?
Are they small? Jet? Glinting in the palm of your phone?

Sense them as they enter your eyes
Navigating the optic pathways to your brain
Where they explode - firing synapses in all directions
A firework display of electrical activity
Making you wonder;
Making you think;
Making you feel.

Absorb them
Mull them and tumble them over in your mind
Let them sink deep within your soul
As you ponder 
These Considerings
And taste their power.

And with this power
Oh, the things I can do...

My very, VERY awesome friend, Tamara, of PenPaperPad, let me write for her today. (link not live until 6am EST)

I was SO pleased she asked, not only because she's AWESOME, and a wonderful writer, but also because it inspired absolutely one of my favourite things that *I'VE* written lately. Even though she bullied me horribly until I edited it had to ask me really sweetly to cut it down a bit (because apparently I'm wordy (who knew?)), it's GORGEOUS. And I'm really happy with it, and I want you to read it and let me know what you think about the way I wield this power.

Many thanks, Lovelies xXx


  1. When I read that, I thought of this song-

  2. magicalmysticalmimi16 January 2014 02:43

    Funny, I thought of a song too when I read this! And then I thought about my super powers and how *I* would wield them.. If only I could use them for good and not evil.. ;) I look forward to the post!

  3. Yeah - you ON PURPOSE thought because I put the thought there :D

    I'd love to know how you'd wield yours. Ohhhhh I SO want this post to go live at Tamara's because I use mine for good AND evil and ohhhh I love it so much!

  4. I commented but I think it didn't take on her website. There must have been too much awesome in my comment. Yup. I'm going with that.

  5. hey wait! heading over there to read and comment and such

  6. Yippee! I love Tamara's blog. got Disqus on here. Oh Disqus. LOL

  7. Ack. You don't wanna leave me a li'l bit of awesome over here instead, then? Just gonna tell me you tried leaving me some awesome but no - I don't get any?

  8. Why are you lolling at my Disqus?

    And I'm glad you like her blog.

    But SRSLY why are you laughing?

  9. Insomniac's Dream16 January 2014 17:18

    I have been most amused and entertained for well over a week about this editing business.

  10. Yes...but did you READ IT? It turned out well.

    And *so* glad, as ever, to entertain you. It's what I live for these days.


  11. Insomniac's Dream16 January 2014 17:29

    I headed directly over there after leaving this comment and left a comment over there- so pffft.

    YOU DO SO live to entertain me, miss Distraction.

  12. I noticed. And you sprayed your customary markers all over it. Thanks for THAT!

    Hey.,,come on over here...I'll show you a distraction *chuckles*

  13. wait a minute...if I gave commented there and someone reads (me) will that be the same as commenting *here* and no one there reading me or...wait, wait! If I read this here and write a Comment *there* and then come back *hh here* and close my eyes, it should result in a spontaneous Comment? (it's got to! I know because I'm sure I read it there... in a ..Comment)

  14. no! wait, I didn't read this yet.....did I?

  15. Because Disqus hates me, lol. TODAY, I happen to be able to comment. Tomorrow? Who knows? And the day after? It's ALWAYS hated me. On whatever website. So, I've never used it on mine. But...I'll just have to see how it works here. ;)

  16. Ack! Seems to be okay so far...

  17. Anything I can clarify for you?

  18. Love. Just love. Is that an okay comment. Because...I love it.

  19. That's an AMAZING comment - thank you :D


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