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Sunday, 12 January 2014

TToT 30:2 Let the Games begin

With yesterday's post of Trials and Thankfuls in mind, I went right ahead and spat in the face of the one about getting more sleep by staying up late-late and chatting to some truly FABULOUS bloggers on the VidChat.

I don't even care, because it was so wonderful and totally nourishing[!]. The more I go through life, the more I discover that I really, truly am an extrovert, and I get my energy from interacting with and being around other people. Texting/phonecalls and instant messaging is all very well, but there's something incredibly 'next best thing to real life' about being in a virtual 'room' with people, seeing their reactions, hearing their voices and enjoying sharing the laughs (and oboy! are there some good laughs ["]).

So, huge and many thanks to Clark for starting this, with me and Michelle. And then for those (ir)regulars, Denise and Zoe, who bring such frequent sunshine. And Starr, who looks set to be a stalwart (and dynamite (by which I mean she explodes new ideas or snorts of laughter)) part of this thing. And Kristi, who (when she's able to drop in) can be relied upon to bring a certain...shall we say...piquancy to the mix.

And then there are our less frequent (but still incredibly wonderful and muchly-enjoyed-when-they-can-spare-the-time) visitors like Christine and Beth and Jak and Dyanne.

And then *deep breaths* NEW PEOPLE, who wonderfully, delightfully, JOINED RIGHT ON IN! So here's to Tamara and Linda and Jen, and YAY! for the fun we all had [£].

As for the rest of my Thankfuls from Saturday, well they're much more silver-lined and golden tinted than the trials I still face.

And a couple of them have made progress.

I got up luxuriously late* and by 1pm was enjoying the blue sky and sparkling sunshine from within the ensconcement of my bed, where I was snuggled with a cup of tea and a good book. I read and I read and I read, undisturbed, in beautiful silence. And then later, when I was ready, I got myself together, rang my Dad for a chat and a recipe [$], and pottered off to the shops.

And walking along in the goldenness, with no demands, a wonderful home, money enough to spend and a list full of goodness which would shortly be fulfilled, I thought "If my life is to end up without the joy and frustration of a child demanding of me; requiring that I sleep sensible hours; get up with it; feed and tend to it; entertain it and be THERE for it, at least the life I have now is a GOOD one."

That's a pretty damn big silver lining [%].

I managed to buy and send two cards I needed to, before the post-office shut [^]. At first I didn't have the right words for one of them, but I think it will have come out okay. I'll find out when it's received!

The veg man was still open and I got cheap, good veggies and fruits without having to pay supermarket prices [&]. I love the veg man (I say man; there's about four people who run the stall, and they're not even all men, but they DO sell highly competitively priced fresh things) and I love supporting a local endeavour.

I found some awesome greeting cards for various people. And I managed to pick up a squeegee, which I read is the BEST thing for getting dog hair off carpets. I don't have a dog, but *I* shed an awful lot, and I don't know how I'm not bald yet! I also found a bunch of 'Thank You' cards which were discounted, so I now have REALLY no excuse for not saying thanks for my Christmas presents (crap of me, I know, seeing as I host a thing about Thankfulness each weekend here on the blog, and neglect it IRL - now you see how I edit myself to come across so well! *sigh*). Success on the connectivity (or intended connectivity) front, though [*].

When I got home, I borrowed that word again from Sarah, and I frog-hopped my way into cleaning the flat a little. The squeegee worked like a charm, and in the end I was able to hoover without too much clogging (seriously, a HUGE amount of hair...). Husby came home and found me whinging about cleaning, so he pitched in and did the kitchen. And now we're both a bit happier [(], because shortly after that, we had an argument about cleaning, and then turned it into actual communication, rather than just sniping, and I think we've got a way forward now.

I then spent an indulgent time in my clean kitchen, chopping the market-stall vegetables for dinner, and figuring out the instructions on a totally-cheating-and-probably-battery-farmed-but-very-delicious-if-unethical box of pre-marinaded piri-piri chicken. And once it was all roasted, it was DELICIOUS, and we sat down to eat in front of an episode of Bewitched, as is our wont [)].

Gotta love Endora, and do you know WHY?
But because it's been a day of beauty and wonderfulness, there are extras:

I got two new books from a charity shop. I keep meaning not to buy books, and to tackle the book mountain. But these books called to me (as books so often do) and at just £1 each, how could I resist?

I got a sherbet dib-dab. Because they're awesome. And I enjoyed every fizzy, sticky mouthful. And yes I got it down me (because you always do) and I'm perfectly at peace with wearing a little sugar every now and then. Because retro sweets, yo!

I got cheap, beautiful spring-coloured wrapping papers so that we can wrap our should-have-been-Christmas presents, and send them to people. Because we definitely didn't do it. But I can handle the thought of sending Happy New Year presents. So I'll get on that soon.

I accepted some compliments. Graciously (and with no small amount of awe that they happened) and blushingly. But nicely. And I saw that they were genuinely meant and I didn't question whether or not I 'deserved' them, I just felt hugely grateful to the people who paid them, and blessed with such good friends who think so highly of me.

So. The Trials have begun. And for today I'm feeling pretty good about them.

*BUT - from my pillow I heard (and was too muzzy-headed to bother with) a knock at the door. When I surfaced later, there was a card from the postman saying he had a parcel FOR ME but that it was too big for the letterbox and has been returned to the depot. If I can get away from work early on Monday evening I might *just* make it there before they close. Otherwise I have to wait until they open late on Wednesday and I'm SO DAMN CURIOUS to see what that parcel is!

So. Who else is joining the Thankful party this weekend?

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  1. That post was full to the brim with delightful British words I don't get to hear people say. So many great ones, but 'whinging' was my fav. Why have we Americans dropped that onomatopoeic 'g'?

  2. Whining is a different word with a similar meaning. It has a slightly different tone about it when it occurs IRL. Whining is more high pitched. Whinging is more grumbly.

    What other Britishisms were there, then? I so don't notice them!

  3. I hate when Disqus hates me! I had such a great comment...and Disqus ate it. Ugh.
    Let's see...I said something like this has to be the snap-happiest post I've ever read from you here. It's awesome. It's like you have a spring in your step and I can see it all the way from over here across the pond! I almost heard some Katrina and the Waves playing in the background as I read, but then I clicked on your video and that song was oh so much better for your post. Should've hit play before I read! I am so happy that you are finding joy!

  4. Kristi - Finding Ninee12 January 2014 03:43

    I LOVE that you think I am piquant! And what a cool word that I think I may have only heard once out loud in real life and possibly only read maybe twice. We have a tendency to just say "spicy" with a certain flair to it but piquant is so much cooler. I'm SO SO SO happy to read that you were strutting around town with air on your face (with air on your face sounds really stupid but you know what I mean) feeling like "at least." Feeling "at least" is HUGE and I think perhaps even breakthrough huge. Also, I'm awful at sending thank you notes. My family sends them to one another and I always feel weird about that. Thanks MUCH for the shout-out. Sorry I missed you guys again.

  5. I very nearly put the vid at the beginning. Maybe I should change that. I thought about was my first instinct and then I changed for something silly like balancing text and image.

    DAMN Disqus for eating your comment >:( But I'm glad you liked this :D The sun is shining and there's definitely some springiness :D THIS is why I like the TToT. It makes me find the joy :D

  6. Oh keep going, keep going - it has LAYERS of meaning, that one (and it's delightful to say as you are delightful to know) - lookit

    agreeably pungent or sharp in taste or flavor; pleasantly biting or tart: a piquant aspic.
    agreeably stimulating, interesting, or attractive: a piquant glance.
    of an interestingly provocative or lively character: a piquant wit.


    I'm happy too. And yes. 'At least' is Big. I shall keep finding 'at least's and storing them up to remember.
    I definitely got air today.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who's awful at it. I feel weird sending them to people I see in person, but it's fair enough to send them to people far away. And I should definitely try to be better about it but ohmigosh, for a 'writer' I find them SO HARD TO FRIKKIN WRITE!

    Sorry you missed us. But you'll be there another time, and it will be Good :D

  7. Insomniac's Dream12 January 2014 03:51

    God, I love the words that are you, Lizzi. <3

  8. Well, flat, hoover, the shops... I think there were others, too. I find them utterly charming. Thanks for the clarification of whinging. To me, the word whinging sounds like whining, which I hear plenty of around my house. Now I know it's grumbling. And I hear plenty of that, too.

  9. I'd like to jump in and agree with the other commenters who appreciated your vocabulary...I am in love with your use of words...and your Britishisms make me smile too. I wish we Americans used words like "postman," "parcel," and "sweets" (as opposed to "mailman," "package," and "candy") because they sound so much more refined! ;-) And muzzy-headed...that word is AWESOME. I don't know if that's a Britishism but I've never heard it before and I love it! xo ~K

  10. Inion N. Mathair12 January 2014 04:20

    Hi Lizzi, First off, I'm most thankful this weekend for seeing a picture of one of our all-time favorite witches, Endora who was a complete badass!! The original mother-in-law hubby's loved to hate, she rocked keeping the magic interesting, the daughters back protected, the grandbaby spoiled rotten & men in their rightful place! So thank you for the walk down memory lane of a fav of ours!! lol. Now onto the post. We totally luv the fact that you are energized from interacting with those around you! Positive energy feeding off of others & creating more. It can be infectious. That's how all of life should be!! Just shows what a people person you are! When anything gives you that kind of positive results & good feelings, it can't be anything but brilliant! There's a stigma that tends to follow writers/writing. Reclusive, withdrawn, loners that hide away in a cabin/writing room refusing to interact with anyone but their characters. I think I keep Inion from falling over into that lonely abyss. LOL~ But platform I believe has helped this problem greatly! It's forced writers out of their comfort zone & workspace & into these chat rooms & social media sites & all under the guise of helping their career. Meanwhile without them even knowing friendships are formed & these so-called loners become social butterflies!! Well, I Love it!! I mean that I really do! I think it's not only done a world of good for the field, but for the artists themselves. My daughter will attest to that. And I think anything that promotes communication & kindness should spread & be encouraged. Now I have one question for me that will seal my weekend or shoot it to hell & back.....Are you a Darren #1 or Darren #2 fan...(jeopardy theme plays while I wait) Please get back to me as I won't be able to sleep until I know your answer! ***Hint....please say your a Darren #1 fan Lizzie!!! On another note~ We've nominated you for the Sunshine Award & believe it or not, it was done before we read this amazing post of yours. Coarse I have to say, I think it's brilliant that they came out so close together & just shows that we picked the perfect person!!! So head on over to Two Voices One Thought & pick up the sunshine....NOW!!!! xoxoxox luv ya & congrats Lizzie, you rock!

  11. You made me want to go for a walk - with you today. Sounds like a pretty awesomesauce day. I hope tomorrow is even better....

  12. Go with your gut - it's usually right. At least that's true for me.
    Meanwhile, Bewitched? Awesome. That's on our late night TV right now and I haven't seen that in more decades than I'd like to admit. That was a great show! And Endora was simply fab!

  13. That is one huge silver lining! I am so happy that you had that calm, happy thought.

    Now I'm off to google "dib dab."

  14. *grins* Why thank you so much ma'am :D

  15. Oh! Well thanks for telling me where my Britishisms lie. Because apart from 'candy' I would've had NO idea! Or at least, it makes sense now you say it, but 'postman' and 'parcel' would never have occurred to me.

    I LOVE muzzy-headed. It's such an evocative concept. Feel free to borrow it if you ever want to. It's a great one.

    I'll keep on writing my British then, I guess :D

  16. Whoaaa EPIC comment - thank you :D And thank you so much for the award! I'll definitely pop over and accept, gratefully. Thank you (can I call you Mathair? I dunno if that's a bit weird, but I don't know you as anything else ;) )

    I'm glad you're around to keep Inion from becoming a social recluse - I ADORE the potential this medium of blogging has for reaching out and making connections with others. It's a beautiful thing, and SO awesome when others also want to connect. I don't feel at all out of my comfort zone with it, though :D

    Well, seeing as we've only just begun Bewitched (can you believe I'd never watched it until last year) and haven't got as far as Darrin #2, I have to say I'm a HUGE fan of #1. He's so expressive and the energy between him and Endora is fabulous. I love their arguments and bickering.

    I hope you managed to sleep, though!

    See you chez toi ;)

  17. Thanks for the inspirational blog post *croak* :D

  18. I had such a lovely time. And the only thing better than walking alone is walking with people. You'd be welcome to join me (I hope you like spending ages browsing second-hand book shops, until it gets dark and the glow of the coffee shops becomes almost irresistible...)

    Thanks for the best wishes for my Sunday. So far so good, though more low-key. I hope the rest of your weekend is full of loveliness :)

  19. Didja find it? It's a paper packet with plain sherbet in the bottom, and a strawberry lollipop - you lick the lollipop and dip it in the sherbet, then attempt (and nearly always fail) to convey the sherbet to your mouth without spilling it down you. It's lovely and FUN!

    And yes. A big silver lining. One which parents would sometimes maybe (but probably not really) swap for.

  20. Ack. I can'[t be bothered moving it now :D My gut told me to go to sleep instead of mucking around with HTML. So there's that!

    I LOVE Bewitched. And Endora's AWESOME. So mischievous. I love that.

  21. Really? I suppose they are different in the US. I just never thought of that! Sorry to hear you hear so much of whinging AND whining! But I'm glad you can at least now tell them apart ;)

  22. (you know, it's one thing to talk about how people who share worldviews tend to think alike in a given situation and approach things with a characteristic viewpoint) and then to see Posts show up, on a given day, keyboards 3,000 miles apart, and the unmistakeable commonality of thought shines through.
    very cool.
    will open the shoppe doors around 9:30 am local, for anyone out for a (virtual) stroll…nothing planned or organized will be straightening up around here for the coming week… stop in if you're in the neighborhood (or as the British say, 'pop by for a wickly of a crumpet or wey stew')

  23. …at least that's what the guy at the patois store said!

  24. I think he may have been pulling your leg! And I just heard from Singapore that you're missing! Dude!

    I know I'm late to the gig, but you're - - - gone! (allegedly)

    Synchronicity ROCKS, right :D

  25. Look at all the wonderful brightness in this beyond lovely post! You have such a way with words that you make a walk and a visit to the veg man an absolute joy to read. I'm anxious to know (okay, the word is nosy) what the parcel is as well and do hope you'll be sharing when you know.
    I am thrilled to see your silver lining and positive attitude simply shining through.
    Accept the compliments, love, because you deserve them!

  26. To be honest (and look how arrogant I am!) it never even crossed my MIND that taking you all on a trip to the veg man with me might be a boring thing to do! Ohmigosh! Now you have me thinking!!!!

    I'll DEFINITELY be sharing what the parcel is. I'm intrigued! Unless it's something unshareable and keep-to-myself-able, in which case I shall make maddening allusions and not say anything ;) (I doubt anyone would send me something in that category though)

    I'm trying hard with the silver lining. And with the tasks. I'm not sure yet about deserving, but I'm glad you think so :D

  27. It was not boring at all....that would be my point! The way you wrote about your day made it visual and brought us all with the best way. It was beautiful and you should take us with you more often....DO NOT RE-THINK! JUST WRITE!

  28. Yeah no, I got that, and thank GOODNESS you weren't bored. I'll try not to over-think. (ha ha ha! Do I ever?)

  29. I am on the spending freeze as you know so haven't bought any new books- making it through my own mountain but adding to my list of ones to buy later. I need to do my thank yous too! But i forgot them on my desk at work. Please harass me until I get them done!!

  30. You seem at peace and in great spirits. I loved the feel of this post.. Go Go Lizzi! Hugs :)

  31. Oops! I still haven;t done mine! Can we harrass each other this week until they're done? That would really help!

    I know what you mean. I have a HUGE pile of unread books but just cannot resist adding to it! Eek!

  32. This was a good weekend. I seemed to be so! Thank goodness. I know things will change, but I'm enjoying the peace while it lasts :D Thanks Manal.

  33. I'm glad you finally got some sunshine after all of that miserable rain you've been getting.
    And when you say "clean kitchen", does that include nasty science experiments? I really, really hope so. Almost as much as Kris does. :)
    You sound so happy and positive today. A walk in the sunshine has to help.
    I only send thank you cards if I didn't open the present in front of the giver and couldn't thank her in person. Even then, I'm not exactly quick about it. Get on it! You'll feel better when it isn't hanging over your head.
    Just a tip, if you quit rereading books, you'll get through that mountain of unread ones faster. (Ha! I can already hear the string of things you are yelling at me right now.)

  34. Thanks. I hope your miserable rain gives way to bright skies soon!

    YES! I did manage to finally get rid of that. But the pan needed boiling and wiping several times. And hey - you ain't seen nothing til you've seen a cloud of mold spores as you try to throw something out! Phew! I didn't dare to write about it because I thought Kris might actually be properly sick.

    It was a happy, positive day. I'm hugely, simply thankful for that.

    Accccccck cards. I'm SO...just BAD at doing them. And at wanting to do them. But I must, I must...

    I hope you heard the eye-rolling, too :p

  35. I can't WAIT to read so many THANKFULS!!! What an amazing link up this is, Lizzi. I am in AWE of what you have created here!!!

    I love love love everything you shared about your day... I could picture it all. I love the journey you take us on... through you, in your and as we walk with you, we are right behind you. Always. XOXOXO

  36. It turned out Good, huh? REALLY Good. And I'm so happy for it, for the hop, for the people who join in, for the people who come into contact with those whose attitude is inexorably becoming focussed on the Good's all delicious :D

    And good. I'm glad you loved it all, and that you weren't bored (noooo I'm not gonna fixate on that! It was fine!) And thanks. I know you got my back <3

  37. magicalmysticalmimi12 January 2014 20:04

    Oh I'm so happy that the trials are over and the silver lining is shining so brightly for you. This post makes me thankful for you! Yay you! - And I have been a Bewitched fan since I was 5 years old and I love Endora. :)

  38. What a great day! Endora is fantastic. Charity books and a veg man would fill my heart to overflowing. I love the cheery paper for New Year's gifts. Brilliant.

  39. You will have to let us know about the parcel or package as we Americans say. what is piri piri chicken? Guess I will have to Google it. Glad you made head way with hubby about cleaning. I have a clogged sink and asked mine to go to store for draino. Hope he doesn't mind, but he sounded tired. :( Oh well, I think it will be okay. Hate clogged sinks. I love silver linings though and hope you find even more this week despite the trials.

  40. It was a very good day indeed. The best bit was the books. Well, The best bit I could blog about was the books ;)

  41. Thanks Mary. I think I'll find more silver linings this week. It's my intent to keep finding them.


    Aaaand piri-piri is spicy pepper marinade. It was very nice.

    And yup - I'll be writing about the parcel as soon as I know :D

  42. I dare say we have each others' silver linings on this one.

  43. A lovely quiet sunshiny getting up late to fresh veggies in a clean kitchen. What a great day. Hugs to your extoverted self. :)

  44. It was beautiful. Thank you :D *hugs back*

  45. yeah okay happy thoughts sunshine flowers all really nice. But really I want to know what you think is in the parcel?

  46. I have NO idea! I'm not expecting a parcel, and there's no indication on the card of who or where it's from. No. Freakin. Clue.

    It's driving me nuts. And if I don't get away from work on time tomorrow, I'll have to WAIT. And that'll make me nutsier.

  47. I haven't had time to check mon yet....did ya get it? Did ya get it!!!!????

  48. YES AND I'M SO CROSS! Joe didn't take my name out of an auto-fill form AND IT WAS FOR HIM! *my* exciting package contained a TOYFUCKINGSOLDIER *spits kittens*

  49. oh BOOOOII HISSSSS.....*spits mice turning your kitten spits into psycho kitties*****

  50. It was GREAT hanging with you too! Hope I can make it back this week :-)

  51. YAY for meeting you :D I hope you can, too :D

  52. Dyanne @ I Want Backsies16 January 2014 02:04

    A squeegee gets pet hair off carpets?! Must. Try. Three cats and two females with long hair. Enough said.
    Sherbet dib dab? Please define.

  53. Give it a go, forsure!

    Paper packet with sherbet in the bottom and a strawberry lolly to lick and dip in the sherbet. Rinse and repeat til the sherbet's all gone. Delicious :D


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